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EDGE to Begin Prototype Production of Machined Aluminium and Assembly Parts for Raytheon

EPI, the cornerstone of precision engineering in the UAE’s aerospace, oil & gas, and defence...
Edge Reach-M (Image credit: Edge Group)

Acquisitions bolster Edge Group’s UAV capabilities

As one might expect UAE defence group Edge had a significant presence at the Dubai...

Drones are here to stay

Although the military's use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) goes back some 30 years, drones...
Kastinger: Brass Catcher

PGM Précision and Kastinger are launching two innovations at Milipol 2023

PGM Précision will also be presenting the Ultima Ratio new generation for the first time...
HMAS Brisbane

Deterrence at sea remains vital to underpinning international rules-based order, says Australian defence chief

Deterrence, including credible defence capability at sea, remains essential to maintaining stability and security, and...
EXPAL E-COMPAX for Mortars DSEI 2019_

Two weeks until FMS 2023 | Limited Spaces Remaining

The Future Mortar Systems conference is just two weeks away (Copthorne Tara, London, on 31st...

October Radio Roundup

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest military communications news in the product, programme and...
US Army 2030 Graphic

Millimetres Make A Difference

The US Army may begin procuring millimetric wave communications systems for its land manoeuvre force...
Modular Test Cell (MTC)

Honeywell Delivers New Test Cell to Support F-35 Sustainment

Honeywell has delivered a new Modular Test Cell (MTC) to the U.S. government Depot Fleet...

Highlighted this month

Electronic Warfare


Radioflash! Episode-8: Israel, Hamas and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this episode of Radioflash! we explore how the war between Israel and Hamas could...
Microwave Ovens

November Spectrum SitRep

Armada’s monthly round-up of all the latest electronic warfare news in the product, programme and...

Radioflash! Episode-7: Superiority Complex

It is a truism of military theory that the road to victory is harder for...
Russian Land Forces EW Base in Tskhinvali

Georgia On My Mind

Armada has learned that Russian land forces have deployed several electronic warfare units to the...
TCI ECS 950 Model COMINT System

October Spectrum SitRep

Thurbon Goes Further MASS has revealed several major enhancements for its Thurbon Electronic Warfare (EW) data...
JEC Activation

Strategic Decision

In late July, the United States Strategic Command revealed it had activated the Joint Electromagnetic...
Draken International Falcon-20

NEWFIP Hones Spectrum Skills

In the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO’s) own words, Ramstein Guard is an annual exercise...
Norwegian Army Heimdall COMINT system

Northern Exposure

Norway has acquired a new land forces electronic warfare capability for communications intelligence gathering. A renaissance...
The Remote Weapon Station GUARDIAN 2.0

EM&E has participated in NATO Technical Interoperability Exercise 2023 on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS)

ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering, a leading Spanish company in innovation and cutting-edge technologies, has participated...

Association of Old Crows Announces Exciting Details for AOC 2023

National Harbor, MD - The Association of Old Crows (AOC), the foremost global organization for...



Making Waves


November Radio Roundup

Combat-34 Handheld Radio

Old Wine in New Bottles?

Army 2030 Communications Reliance

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October Radio Roundup

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