Huron Moves Forward


At the Azerbaijan International Defence Industry Exhibition (ADEX 2016) this September AZCAN presented its latest Huron Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), blending Canadian and Azerbaijani expertise.

AZCAN’s Huron: “incorporates a revolutionary lightweight armour that increases manoeuvrability and speed performance in comparison with other similarly-sized vehicles on the market,” Maria Tkacheva, communication coordinator for INKAS told INKAS is a Canadian company which jointly founded AZCAN. The Huron’s combination of high protection and reduced weight is achieved by: “using light armouring reinforced components, including engine bay and key components, multi-layer ballistic glass, vehicle floor and roof armouring,” Ms. Tkacheva continued.

The Huron is available in several variants depending on customers’ requirements: “Vehicles differ by engine model, horsepower, seating capabilities, exterior and interior design,” says Ms. Tkacheva. While the first vehicles produced in Azerbaijan will supply that country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic as well as several other national law enforcement agencies, the majority of vehicles are intended for export. However, Ms. Tkacheva was unable to comment on the delivery dates for the Azerbaijani vehicles, or the identity of future potential customers.