Italian Navy PPA Update


Fincantieri is currently building two multipurpose Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) for the Italian Navy as part of the navy’s modernisation initiative. discussed the new OPV with Fincantieri’s head of platform development.

The future Pattugliatori Polifunzionali d’Altura (PPA/Multipurpose OPV): “is designed to be able to function in two modes, depending on the needs of the navy”, Stefano Ferraris, head of the platform development at Fincantieri told The ship: “can function as a ‘light’ PPA to perform patrolling, sea rescue and civil protection missions, and as ‘full combatant’ equipped with a complete defence capability,” including anti-ship missiles and surface-to-air missiles, Mr. Ferraris continued.

The PPA is furnished with a flight deck and hangar to accommodate a naval support helicopter, and boasts a range of 5000 nautical miles (9260 kilometres), an endurance of 30 days and can remain underway in Sea State Five, with waves of 2.5 to four metres (between four and eight feet) in height:

Fincantieri will build six ships for the Marina Militare (Italian Navy) with construction of the first beginning in 2017. After that, the plan is to deliver one ship per year, with completion anticipated in 2025. Antonio Autorino, vice president of media relations for Fincantieri, told that the company has received interest from other navies regarding the PPA, but cannot be reveal their identify for confidentiality reasons at present.