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CNIM Company

Defense, Security and Cyber Intelligence

CNIM designs and builds turnkey high-tech industrial facilities and provides expertise, service and operations support in the environment, energy, defense and industrial sectors. CNIM relies on stable family ownership, which underwrites its development. The Group has 3,000 employees with revenues in 2015 of €727.0 million, of which exports accounted for 61.3%. CNIM is quoted on Euronext Paris.

As key industry players for Defense and Security community, CNIM provides robust and proven solutions and equipment for force projection and protection.


A specialist in amphibious operations, CNIM developed the L-CAT, an innovative fast catamaran landing craft. It can conduct shore-to-shore missions or operate from the well deck of LHD and LPD amphibious ships.

CNIM provides armed forces with gap crossing capabilities to enable armored vehicles/civilian vehicles to cross dry and wet gaps during both military and disaster relief operations. To adapt to Armies’ changing operational needs, CNIM continually improves its gap crossing capabilities to suit the operational needs of todays modern armed forces.


Bertin Technologies, subsidiary of CNIM group, designs and manufactures optronic land solutions particularly adapted to harsh or dark environments. With the acquisition of the French leader Saphymo, the company offers a wide range of solutions to fight CBRN threat.

Constantly engaged with States critical issues and essential operators, the CNIM group recently created Bertin IT to provide highly innovative and proven solutions for cyber intelligence and cyberdefense.

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Ukrainian forces are taking full advantage of their THeMIS UGVs

The THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) delivered by Milrem Robotics to Ukrainian armed forces in the war with Russia are being taken full advantage...
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CNIM Innovation & Systems


8 rue de Bassano
75008 Paris

+33 (0)1 44 31 11 94