K-9 for the KRAB


Poland’s Huta Stalowa Wola defence company has contracted the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Hanwha Techwin for 96 K-9 Thunder 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (SPH) chassis, it was announced on 19 December.

The K-9 chassis will be mated with a BAE Systems’ AS-90 Braveheart turret which contains the company’s L52 155mm gun resulting in a new ensemble to be designated as the KRAB SPH. This chassis is also used for the ROK’s K-9 Thunder SPH. This contract with Poland is valued at $260 million and follows a previous 2014 order for 24 chassis. The new order will see initial deliveries in 2017, armadainternational.com has been informed, with these deliveries being concluded in 2023.

The SPH acquisition programme is part of a broader Polish Army modernisation with the 11th Masurian artillery regiment already equipped with KRAB and an additional four units slated for the same unit to enter service by 2024.