Obituary – Jeffrey McKaughan


It was with great sadness that Armada International learned of the passing of our esteemed colleague Jeffrey McKaughan on 17th January, aged 60.

Mr. McKaughan, known to many of us as in the defence publishing world simply as ‘Jeff’ was one of the most respected figures in our industry. Jeff worked tirelessly to launch, and then manage, several titles in defence publishing. The appeal of his publications directly reflected of Jeff’s dedication to his subject areas. His special forces, military training and African defence publications in particular were widely read and appreciated throughout the defence world and beyond.

His knowledge of the defence industry was exemplary. In press conferences and meetings, Jeff’s questions would be pertinent, relevant and challenging, yet always delivered in the same courteous fashion. Similarly, his writing style combined an enviable command of his subjects with clarity and succinctness.

Alongside his dedication to these publications, Jeff travelled the world to regularly attend defence exhibitions as well as field trips organised by the defence industry and armed forces. Despite his busy schedule, Jeff always had a warm smile, and a calm, easy-going manner. The author fondly remembers sharing anecdotes with him at a trade fair in Tel Aviv in 2015, over a delicious lunch of Israel cuisine in the sunshine. As recently as May 2016, Jeff joined his colleagues in France for a week-long trip to visit elements of the French defence industry and defence community. As always, Jeff was a picture of unflappable calm, despite the gruelling agenda.

Defence exhibitions and industry events will just not be the same without him. We have lost a true friend and comrade. Jeff, you will be missed!