Underwater Defence & Security 2017 event


The Underwater Defence & Security event, taking place 6th-8th March 2017 at the Portsmouth Marriott, will bring together 200 air, surface and underwater leaders, planners and operators to enable the shift to multistatic, remote and unmanned ASW and MCM operations.

The Underwater Defence & Security conference programme has now been confirmed with the event due to bring together over 200 air, surface and underwater leaders, planners and operators to discuss future operational and technological solutions, investigate the integration of unmanned/autonomous operations and develop mechanisms for future acquisitions.

Senior Navy leaders from across the world, including; Rear Admiral P G Philipose, Indian Navy, Rear Admiral Kyle Cozad, US Navy, Commodore Andreas Vettos, NATO Maritime Air Command, and Air Commodore Khaled Aljuhani, Saudi Armed Forces will deliver their unique insights into current and future capability requirements.

Recent technological developments provide increased options for conducting Underwater Defence & Security operations using remotely controlled or autonomous vehicles. As reducing military budgets constrain the delivery of the full range of capability requirements using conventional manned platforms there is increasing pressure to develop more cost-effective solutions. It is inevitable that remote and unmanned systems will become part of the solution.

But challenges still exist including the provision of: reliable and robust power supplies; secure command and control systems; resilience to cyber attack and the need to maintain covert operation. International co-operation will be essential to overcome regulatory and legal issues.

Furthermore, as the complexity and frequency of subsurface programmes increase, innovative solutions will be required to keep the ASW community at the top of their game. To fully exploit the underwater domain, commanders must have a deep understanding of the strategic and tactical operating environment and be able to exploit it to achieve battles space superiority.

Underwater Defence & Security 2017 will analyse the opportunities being presented by the introduction of remote and autonomous unmanned systems in the ASW, submarine warfare, ISR, MCM and Underwater Security environments and examine the conceptual challenges which they potentially pose.

With an interactive exhibition and networking area attendees will leave Underwater Defence and Security 2017 with some key answers to successfully develop underwater operations.

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Notes to editors:

Underwater Defence & Security will take place 6th – 8th March at the Portsmouth Marriot Hotel, UK. The event will begin on 6th March with a Focus Day involving two streams; Airborne Assets and Maximising MCM Capabilities. The 7th-8th March will host the two-day conference and exhibition.

Underwater Defence & Security is organised by The Development Network (TDN UK). Created in 2009, TDN organise 12-15 events in the military, risk and resilience markets which are customer centric, allowing our clients to meet and engage with their market place to enhance their business development strategies. Please visit www.tdnuk.com and follow our company on LinkedIn.

Please hyperlink Underwater Defence & Security to www.underwater-defence-security.com.

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