AMVs Arrived in UAE

AMVs believed to be destined for the UAE are seen here being loaded onboard a cargo ship in the Polish port of Gdansk. (Patria)

The first batch of Patria AMV (Armoured Modular Vehicle) eight-wheel drive platforms have begun to arrive in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as of March following the country’s order for 40 vehicles placed in January 2016.

Production of these AMVs was performed in Poland by Rosomak Patria’s partner which has a licence to build the AMV and is providing a version of the vehicle to the Polish Army. This is the second order for AMVs placed by the UAE Army, following the order for an initial 15 vehicles for evaluation in 2008. Earlier photos in the Polish press showed tan-coloured AMVs without weapon stations ready for loading at the port of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.

Although broader details on the order are according to Patria classified the AMV has been widely fielded with a heavy machine gun remote weapon station. The AMV is currently in service with seven armies worldwide.