Lethal Jack in the Box

Patria’s containerised NEMO mortar offers a flexible solution as a system which can be truck- or vessel-mounted to provide fire support. (Patria)

NEMO Cont on Gd

Patria has further proved its reputation for innovation in its latest version of the NEMO 120mm turreted mortar, dubbed the Container Mortar., unveiled at the 2017 International Defence Exhibition held in Abu Dhabi in February.

This integrates the NEMO weapon, fire control, power generation and ammunition handling and 100 stowed rounds into a single 6.1 metre (20 feet) container. This self-contained system can be transported on a truck, dropped into position and be ready to fire in less than 30 seconds. NEMO has already been fielded on combat vehicles and naval craft, and is in operation with Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates.

With a range of over ten kilometres (6.2 miles) with its automatic loading providing a maximum rate of fire of ten rounds per minute, the weapon can has fire three rounds during a twelve-second ‘burst’ capability as well as the ability to programme five rounds to impact simultaneously, which greatly enhances target effect.

A particularly interesting application for the NEMO Container is its placement into a landing craft or vessel deck. In seconds this provides a craft with the means to provide fire support without modification. A company development, the NEMO Container is being presented as a cost-effective indirect fire solution for various applications including fire bases and defensive positions.