Paris Air Show 2017: Aeronautics to present the Orbiter 4 Multi-Mission STUAS and the Pegasus 120 Tactical VTOL UAS.

A number of customers have already signed contracts to purchase the multi-payload multi-mission Orbiter 4

Paris Air Show, June 2017, Static Area, Stand A8

May, 2017: Aeronautics Group, a leading UAS manufacturer, will present its wide range of comprehensive defense solutions and UAS platforms at the Paris Air Show. The company will present its newest UAS – the multi-mission Orbiter 4, which can carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously. For example, the Orbiter 4 can carry a maritime patrol radar (MPR) together with a cellular interception sensor, and conduct land or maritime ISTAR missions beyond Line Of Sight.

Alongside its line of UAS’s and for the very first time, the company will also present the Pegasus 120: Aeronautics’ first multi rotor platform. Relying on its wide knowledge and experience in the field of unmanned aerial solutions, Aeronautics has recently stepped into the field of multi-rotor platforms, with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) solutions designed especially for defense and security mission. With the ability to carry payloads weighting up to 75 Kg, the Pegasus 120 is ideal for special missions and Special Forces.

Together with the Orbiter 4 and Pegasus 120, Aeronautics will also present the Orbiter 1K loitering unmanned system, Orbiter 3 Small Tactical UAS and the Aerostar tactical UAS.

According to Amos Mathan, Aeronautics’ CEO: “Aeronautics Group keeps on developing innovative yet cost-effective solutions, which offer maximum abilities with minimum constrains. Today’s advanced technology allows us to miniatures sensors, computers and communications, so that we can offer our customers small tactical airstrip independent UAS’s with high performances and a small logistic footprint. Aeronautics group provide comprehensive solutions comprised of UAV’s, multi rotors, aerostats, radars, and many other different sensors, that can be integrated together to one command and control center. We see a growing need for advanced UAV platforms in the international defense market, and I can say that a number of clients have already signed contracts to purchase our newest UAV, the Orbiter 4”.


The Orbiter 4 STUAS/NSUAS is an advanced multi-mission platform with an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously. With an open architecture, the Orbiter 4 can be specially adjusted for the needs of each client or mission. Among the different payloads the Orbiter 4 can carry are:

  • Maritime patrol radar (MPR)
  • Cellular interception sensor – which allows Orbiter 4 to conduct ISR missions over different theaters exploiting various communication technologies in-use by targets. The sensor overcomes ground intelligence collection constraints of inaccessible areas and LOS limitations, while expanding coverage and ensuring covert operation.
  • Satellite communication
  • Controp’s advanced XR electro-optic payload
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

The Orbiter 4 is continuing the evolution of the Orbiter line and the Small Tactical UAS, and delivers top mission performance with the lightest, most versatile, and most advanced covert platform available today, and is ideal for both land and maritime operations. Based on the successful aerodynamic structure and properties of the Orbiter 3 STUAS, Orbiter 4 exclusive abilities include maximum endurance of more than 24 hours, maximum takeoff weight of 50 KG, maximum flight attitude of 18,000 feet and an ability to carry and operate two different payloads simultaneously.

With Advanced Image Processing Capabilities, Automatic takeoff and recovery system and an ability to navigate with and without GPS and data link, The Orbiter 4 delivers the same capabilities as other Tactical platforms operational today, but with better endurance, serviceability, operational flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Airstrip independent and operated by 3 personnel, the Orbiter 4 is easy to use and maintain, and carries a low logistical footprint. The orbiter 4 is ideal for maritime applications including deep sea and coastal reconnaissance, and is able to take-off and land on any type of vessel, without the need for a flight deck.

Pegasus 120 Tactical VTOL UAS

Pegasus 120 is Aeronautics’ first multi rotor platform. With a maximum payload weight of up to 75 KG and an ability to carry multiple payloads including COMINT, VISINT and Logistics, the Pegasus 120 is designed especially for defense and security missions. Due to its extraordinary carrier and endurance capabilities, The Pegasus 120 is unique in the category of heavy lifters VTOL UAS’s, and is ideal for Defense, Homeland security and civil missions, as well as for Special Forces and special missions.

Orbiter 1K

The Orbiter 1K is a loitering unmanned system. Given a specific waypoint, the loitering Orbiter 1K can detect and destroy a moving or a stationary target. The system can also operate on the base of a given area range: the Orbiter 1K independently scans the area, detects and destroys the target – moving or stationary. In case the target wasn’t detected or in any change of plans, the system’s recovery capability allows it to return to its base camp and land safely using a parachute and an airbag. Launched from a catapult, the Orbiter 1K can fly for 2-3 hours, carrying a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels.

The Orbiter 1K loitering system is compact and easily controlled from a personal GCS. Featuring a highly transportable vehicle-mounted system and a small physical footprint for covert operations and advanced avionics, the Orbiter 1K is ideal for defense as well as border security missions.

Orbiter 3 Small Tactical UAS

The Orbiter 3 STUAS is a compact and lightweight system for military and homeland security missions, providing an operational range of up to 100 km and up to 7 hours of endurance. Carrying a triple sensor payload with day-and-night, thermal image and laser pointer, the system has significant tactical UAS capabilities in a mini-aerial platform body. Assembled in 20 minutes, the fully-autonomous, vehicle-mounted system enables static and on-the-move operation. Providing a tri-sensor and stabilized EO/IR payload, it uses a catapult take-off and a parachute and airbag recovery, and is electrically powered for silent covert operation. The Orbiter 3 STUAS is suited for land as well as maritime environments, and requiring a very small logistic footprint. The Orbiter 3 system was sold to and is currently operated by high-end customers all around the world.

Aerostar tactical UAS

The Aerostar advanced tactical UAS is ideal for a wide range of short range and medium range ISR & Artillery missions, as it is equipped with a large payload bay, and capable of carrying many types of payloads, including day and night EO/IR sensors, radars, and various electronic intelligence sensors (COMINT, ELINT). With automatic take-off and landing and a highly advanced data link, the Aerostar tactical UAS is highly efficient and cost effective, operationally simple, and involves a very small logistic footprint.

The Aerostar advanced tactical UAS has a proven capability for take-off and landing using very short runways and in high altitude environments. The Aerostar platform, which weighs 230 kilograms, is capable of reaching ceiling altitudes of 18,000 feet and operating at ranges of over 250 kilometres from its ground data terminal, which is connected via network to the ground control station. The Aerostar UAS has been purchased and operated by 15 customers worldwide.

About Aeronautics LTD

Aeronautics LTD, an Israel-based defense solution provider, is a world leading developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems focusing on the Mini, Tactical, and MALE UAS categories. Since its establishment in 1997, the Company’s products have been delivered and successfully deployed by over 70 defense, military and homeland security forces on more than 50 different countries.

As a specialist in the field of unmanned Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Aeronautics in-house vertical integration capabilities facilitate rapid delivery of tailored turnkey solutions to its customers. Together with its subsidiaries, Commtact (100%), Zanzottera (100%), Controp (50%) RT (51%) and PoziDrone (100%), it comprises the Aeronautics group which offers a ‘one-stop shop’ for cost-effective solutions for Defense and HLS mission.

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