STAMP-2, Ready for Duty


ASELSAN with over 20 years of experience in Weapon Systems has announced that its new product STAMP-2 is ready for duty now.

ASELSAN has exported Remote Controlled Weapon Systems to 11 (eleven) different country and delivered more than a thousand systems worldwide. ASELSAN greatly appreciates the support and positive feedbacks of its return customers. Furthermore, the repeated RCWS contracts signed with modern armed forces motivated ASELSAN during the development phase of STAMP-2.

ASELSAN emphasizes its commitment to a distinct design identity with continuous development of Remote Controlled Weapon Systems. With the awareness of tradition and heritage, ASELSAN has developed STAMP-2 that distinguishes the brand. ASELSAN is grateful for the valuable support of TUBITAK during this development phase.

Improvements on STAMP-2 are focused on the compact and light design combined with advanced features such as Training Simulator, advanced Graphical User Interface and High Accuracy Stabilized Gimbal (HASG). Moreover, the elevation movement range has been increased.

Training Simulator and advanced Graphical User Interface exceeds the expectations and reminds the popular computer games.