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BOFORS Test Center

Hell for your product. Heaven for your investment.

Bofors Test Center has defeated the impossible since 1886. With our advanced test equipment and complete laboratories we can test everything from components to complete weapon systems. At our extensive proving ground in Sweden we perform tests for both defence materiel manufacturers and civilian companies from all over the world. Welcome to Hell.


To defeat the impossible.

Since 1886 we have been defeating the impossible to find out the absolute truth about weapon systems. True dedication, the latest equipment and a perfect infrastructure for the job has put Bofors Test Center at the utmost front of the business of finding out the truth. Every time.

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Eurosatory - ARCHER Signing - 06132022 (1)

Encouraging News from Sweden and Switzerland Over BAE System’ Archer

During Eurosatory in Paris, BAE Systems announced that the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and Bofors had signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) that...

Armoured Vehicles – Combat Compendium

Armoured vehicles come in many shapes and sizes, with differing roles. This compendium will examine two categories: armoured fighting vehicles (AFV) used for direct...
Elbit Soltam smoothbore 120mm mortar

Over The Top

Mortars are a class of artillery. They differ from guns which have a low, flat trajectory best suited for engaging targets by direct fire...
‘Formidable’ class frigate

Full Steam Ahead!

Fast Attack Craft (FAC) can represent a cost effective solution, to both coastal and littoral defence requirements, and less intensive, maritime policing, needs. This...
Bofors Test Centre

Welcome To Hell

This was how the Bofors Test Centre’s manager, Rickard Lindstrom greeted the press at a recent demonstration of its capabilities. He asked: “What are...
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Your every need. Heaven or Hell.

At BOFORS Test Center we can fulfill your every need with a wide variety of services and facilities.

Since 1886, we have been taking ordnance to the very edge to find out exactly where its limits lie – and each time we have documented the process down to the last detail. Because what’s Hell for your product is Heaven for your investment.

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Bofors Test Center

Bofors Skjutfält 201
691 52 Karlskoga
Phone: +46 586 840 01