ECA UAVs and UGVs Collaborate

An ECA Iguana UGV is seen here operating alongside one of the company’s IT-180 UAVs, demonstrating the ability of the two platforms to work together. (ECA)

ECA is pushing forward collaboration among several of its unmanned systems notably the Iguana Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and IT-180 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

The company recently demonstrated to the press the added value that collaborative work between UGVs and UAVs could bring to dangerous missions. During the demonstration the IT-180 provided observation and threat detection, in this case a car which entered a safety area, thus siding Iguana in its identification and neutralisation of the target. After identification the Iguana approached the potential threat, while the IT-180 kept providing aerial surveillance. The Iguana’s cameras merged their feed with the aerial view to provide the operator with comprehensive situational awareness, allowing them to perform their mission with extreme accuracy.

ECA explained to that the IT-180 is a combat proven system and has been deployed by French forces for CIED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) missions in Afghanistan and West Africa.