SABCA to launch a complete suite of services for the drone industry


Paris, June 21st 2017, True to its long experience in managing maintenance, repair, modification, upgrade, testing and certification programs for aircraft and helicopter systems and equipment, SABCA takes the natural next step offering its expertise and infrastructure to the industry of remotely-piloted and unmanned aerial systems (RPAS and UAS), also known as “drones”.

A complete range of services

SABCA will offer a complete range of services for commercial, defence and governmental applications to the entire drone ecosystem: manufacturers, technology developers, end-users and regulatory agencies.

These services include new systems design integration, (sub-)systems ground and flight testing, certification, qualification and sustainment for drones with fixed or rotary wings.

Integration into European airspace being essential, a partnership has been signed with Droneport in Limburg to fly drones in a segregated airspace prior to testing them, when required, in a controlled airspace environment at Sabca’s home airport in Charleroi.

In addition, inspection, maintenance, repair, and support services as well as remote-pilot and ground crew training will also be offered by SABCA as part of more global sustainment activities.

As the drone industry develops and maturates, there will be a need for industrial players to be the link between the drones systems and equipment designers and manufacturers, payload & technology-providers, end-users, and authorities. SABCA has the suitable size, experience, and palette of skills to perfectly fulfil that role.

Strategic partnerships with infrastructure providers and technology enablers, such as DronePort in Limburg and the Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Wallonia make it a particularly attractive and complete suite of services.


DronePort, a company grounded by the Limburg investment company LRM and the city of Sint-Truiden, wants to bring together knowledge and entrepreneurship in the drone industry on one site. With a comprehensive test area, a landing and approved airspace, companies can safely test new applications, train and grow up in this new business.