CM-32 Mortar Variant Revealed

Taiwan’s CM-32 mortar variant
Taiwan’s CM-32 mortar variant debuted at the Taipei Aerospace and Defence Technology exhibition.

A variant of the Republic of China’s Ordnance Readiness Development Centre’s CM-32 eight-wheel drive armoured fighting vehicle, equipped with a 120mm heavy mortar has been revealed.

The vehicle was showcased at the Taipei Aerospace and Defence Technology Exhibition (TADTE) 2017 held between 17th and 19th August. The mortar is mounted in the rear compartment on a rotating platform that absorbs the firing recoil. Taiwan employs the Soltam M120 mortar which has a range of 7.2 kilometres (4.5 miles) and can fire a rage of projectiles including high explosive, smoke, illumination and precision guided munitions. The vehicle has a 7.62mm remote weapons station for self-defence, and around 1400 CM-32s are planned for fielding.

by Stephen W. Miller