DOGO™ – Ultra Light Hand-Held Anti-Terror Robot

General Robotics announces the release of a new and improved model (Mark II) of the DOGO – Anti-Terror & Crime Robot.

The DOGO™ Robot is an innovative “tactical combat robot”, armed with a 9 mm Glock pistol, created to serve as a “watch dog” for soldiers in the field.

  • Life saving – engage terrorists by remote control
  • Fast and safe activation of integrated weapon
  • Clean elimination of threats with no collateral damage

DOGO Applications:

  • Anti-terror
  • Hostage rescue
  • Close quarter combat
  • Fatal funnel clearance
  • Urban warfare
  • Tunnels and underground warfare
  • ISR and target detection

DOGO Robot Specifications:

  • Lightweight – 10Kgs
  • Compatible with small pistols such as Glock 26 and Sig Sauer P320SC
  • Pistols mount by a click
  • 2 Way audio for negotiations
  • Innovative one button stair climbing mechanism
  • Secure 2.4Ghz wireless communication

Comprehensive Situational Awareness Day and Night:

  • 8 color video cameras
  • 5 selectable real-time channels
  • Near Infrared-Red variable illumination
  • 2 calibrated boresight views
  • Integrated laser designator

RANGER Remote Control Unit (RCU):

  • All-in-One RCU including built-in 2.4Ghz secure communications
  • Integrated “Point & ShootTM” technology
  • Multilayered firing safety system
  • Mission recordings

Less Lethal Weapon (optional):

  • Remote controlled pepper spray module
  • Effective range – 18 feet
  • Sprays a continuous stream