PITBULL™ -Supporting Fighters for Mission Success

The PITBULL™ is the next generation of light remotely Operated Weapon System (ROWS) designed to be integrated on manned and unmanned platforms.

PITBULL™ -The only RWS with 4 Features in 1 System:

  1. Ultra Light (70Kg) supports 62 or 5.56 machine guns
  2. Comprehensive Situational Awareness – day and night with “Point & Shoot” on screen interface
  3. Hostile Fire Source Designator for fast & precise counter fire
  4. Radar to acquire and track multiple hidden targets day & night in all weather conditions


  • Fits all manned and unmanned Ground, Air and Maritime platforms
  • Capable of carrying 70 Kg.
  • Suitable for static positioning to protect critical infrastructure

PITBULL™  Specifications:

  • Light weight – 70Kg, low silhouette – 50 cm
  • Azimuth rotation NX360˚ at a rate of 90˚ per second
  • Elevation – from approx.+ 60˚ to -30˚ (machine gun dependent)
  • Dual axis stabilization
  • Fits various light machine guns such as FN MAG 7.62 or NEGEV 5.56 / NEGEV 7.62
  • High definition, high frame rate, low latency day imaging sensor
  • Ultra low power consumption and MIL STD

 Ranger Remote Control Unit (RCU):

  • Fusing information from all sensors with smart overlays on a single screen
  • Multi-sensor fusion interface
  • Integrated “Point & Shoot” technology
  • ATT – Automatic Target Tracking
  • VMD – Video Motion Detection
  • Onboard mission recording
  • Detachable for remote wireless activation (Optional)

Advanced Night Imaging Engine (Optional):

Hostile Fire Source Designator (Optional):

  • Coverage (Az X El) 90˚X52˚ Day & Night
  • Detection range: up to 500m
  • High detection accuracy of light arms and ART\ATGM
  • Fused interface to the RANGER RCU

Radar (Optional):

  • Coverage (Az X El): 90°X15° day and night
  • Detection range: up to 1000m
  • Detection and tracking of moving targets under harsh weather conditions
  • Fused interface to the RANGER RCU

Riot Control System (RCS) including less lethal weapons (Optional)

4 X 40mm grenade launchers Sonic