Tank cannon becomes more deadly


Orbital ATK (just acquired by Northrop Grumman) has entered production of its Advance Multi-Purpose (AMP) 120mm tank ammunition that has been in development since 2015.  

Adanced Multipurpose round ATK
Layout prospective US 120-mm tank multi-shot Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) with programmable fuse (s) Rupert Pengelley / Janes

AMP provides the main battle tank crew with an on-demand round with optimized capability for defeating bunkers, buildings, light vehicles and personnel. The round is remotely programmable so the gunner can select the fuse detonation as impact, delayed, or air burst while the round is in the chamber. It can punch a hole in a masonry wall, penetrate and demolish a bunker or cover an area around an anti-tank ream with deadly pellets fragments. AMP is particularly well adapted to the new battlefield challenges of urban combat, highly mobile light vehicle attacks and diverse threats.

by Stephen W. Miller