Pharad Expands Stub Antenna Offering for MANET Radios

Pharad has introduced three new radiating-efficient stub antennas for MANET radios operating in the L-, S- and C-bands.

With thousands of Pharad stub antennas already operating in the field, these three band-specific antennas enable longer link ranges than previously possible, in a similar compact stub enclosure with an SMA connector. Along with the launch of these three new stub antennas, Pharad now offers its entire stub antenna product line in a choice of either black or gray enclosures.

“End-users of small MANET radios are always trying to eke out additional link range in their systems; consequently, we developed a series of band-specific MANET stub antennas that are now being shipped to our customers,” said Pharad President Austin Farnham. “We still offer the smallest full-band MANET radio antenna in the industry as a single antenna covering all relevant L-, S-, and C-bands, but these three, very efficient antennas allow for extended link range in a single band, all in the same small package. Interestingly, we found that the adoption of these stub antennas on UAVs has sparked an interest in a gray color radome to better blend in with aircraft and sky colors. As a result, we now offer all of our stub antennas in a gray color as an option.”

Pharad’s stub antennas are designed and manufactured in the USA and operate over the frequency ranges of 420 MHz to 10 GHz. They feature a ruggedized package less than 7 cm tall and weighing less than 10 grams. The stub antennas are suitable for both hand-held radios and contollers and low speed UAVs and drones, particularly rotocopters.