INVISIO launches new versatile V10 control unit for the Special Forces community

INVISIO expands its product range by adding a new control unit for tactical communication and hearing protection. The new INVISIO V10 control unit is designed to meet Special Forces needs for a rugged, easy to use single-com system. The product was presented at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, SOFIC, taking place in Tampa, Florida on May 21-24, 2018.

Special Forces are trained for specific purposes and often require special skills and/or equipment. The INVISIO V10 is a rugged, light weight single-com PTT designed for soldiers with one radio. It features a large exchangeable PTT button that can be oriented for left or right-handed usage and is 20 meters submersible. In combination with the market leading INVISIO X5 in-ear headset, the system offers industry leading hearing protection, clear communication in noisy environments and state of the art situational awareness.

“We are continuously broadening the versatility and functionality of our control units to accommodate different mission needs, usage scenarios and preferences according to each type of soldier and mission demands. With the launch of the INVISIO V10, we now have an even stronger range of advanced control units, supporting our customers in the best possible way”, says Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO at INVISIO.

The INVISIO product range includes tactical communications and hearing protection systems for professional users. Included are the INVISIO V20 single-com control unit, INVISIO V50 dual-com control unit powering from a battery, and the INVISIO V60 tri-com control unit. All control units are interchangeable and include plug and play flexibility that allows for a vast range of headsets and radio/device connections. Another recent addition to the portfolio is the INVISIO Intercom System, that aims to bridge the gap between the mounted and dismounted soldier.

INVISIO supplies to many Special Forces teams in NATO and NATO partner countries. The systems have also been fielded by several forces including the US Army, British Army, Australian Army, Canadian Army, Danish Army and Swedish Army.