Chemring Technology Solutions Launches World’s First Geofencing Electronic Warfare Manpack System

Chemring Technology Solutions launches VIPER, a whole-mission support and information system, delivering actionable intelligence and the world’s first Electronic Warfare (EW) manpack geofencing capability.

Integrated into Chemring Technology Solutions’ RESOLVE EW system, VIPER’s geofencing technology provides operators with pinpoint accuracy for superior target precision. Traditionally, EW operators would expect to analyse all signals, whether of significance or not. VIPER allows them to focus on a specific area of interest, such as a valley or building, significantly reducing the task and time burden and communications and reporting load.

VIPER’s path profile tools support highly targeted pre-mission planning and real-time mission adaptation, by processing terrain height against relative radio frequency (RF) to pinpoint the optimum locations for EW data collection nodes. Automated database analysis quickly delivers operators relevant target insight via a user-friendly interface, enabling commanders and operators to respond faster to the evolving battlefield situation.

VIPER simplifies operations and minimises the training burden by automating many processes that would have previously been undertaken by the operator. Non-expert users can easily access the database storage, providing them the information they need, formatted for ease of understanding and requiring minimal interpretation. VIPER has been developed to remove the issues of complex RF-data presentation and laborious information access. For example, VIPER visualises information by overlaying a map so that the operator can quickly identify a precise target fix.

Eric Herron, Regional Manager, at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “VIPER is another market-first for us as it delivers a level of EW capability usually associated with larger systems. Developed by EW operators for EW operators, we believe that we have created the most capable and user-friendly EW manpack system, offering the next step to counter current and evolving threats. VIPER delivers a highly automated and intuitive system that requires minimal operator input, so that they do not have to wade through large amounts of data capture and the noise on the RF spectrum, but can instead focus on genuine signals of interest to find that needle in a haystack much faster. It is deployed at this year’s CyberQuest exercise in the USA to show exactly this capability.”

CESMO and JICD compatible, VIPER can contribute to, and receive data from, coalition partners operating in the land, sea and air domains – critical for combined missions.

RESOLVE’s innovative multi-role capability in tactical EW, and its continued focus on contemporary operational needs, make it the market-leading solution. A single RESOLVE EW Manpack provides both full spectrum wideband surveillance and wideband direction finding capabilities, with collaborative synchronous position fix between any two or more systems. The solution for contingent operations, RESOLVE is designed for simplicity in operation, enabling rapid deployment preparation, rapid role change, simultaneous support for tactical operations, and remote reporting via IP network radios and beyond line-of-sight links.