Eurosatory 2018: Elbit Systems to Present New Networked and Situational Awareness Capabilities

Elbit Systems Ltd. will demonstrate, at Eurosatory 2018 (Hall 6 Booth #571), the Strike-cell, a novel capability to operate networked and automated multi-sensor and fire systems combat arrays, unveil the E-Lynx Software Defined Radios (SDR) enhanced package including new vehicular and man-packed configurations, and launch two new sensing and targeting systems. These demonstrations will be displayed alongside an exhibition of a range of fire systems, C5I, sensing and force protection systems.

A complete Media kit is available at: 

New Capabilities to be demonstrated:

Networked Strike Cell

Visitors to the Elbit Systems booth will be able to experience a demonstration of an operational scenario presenting a networked and automated multi-sensor and fire systems combat array. Conducted from a specially designed C2 Strike cell, the demonstration is initiated by utilizing the Torch™ C5I system running on the SDR E-Lynx communication network that orchestrates various sensors – radars, ground and airborne Electro Optic (EO) and many others – to detect, identify, verify and incriminate potential targets. Then powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) fusion and analytical tools are applied to perform automated combat designations and call for fire processes, instantaneously analyzing and prioritizing fire systems, and optimally matching fire systems and the mission. Utilizing E-Lynx’s high data capacity, a wide-band actionable video image of the target is then disseminated to relevant fire systems such as Spear mounted on a light 4X4 vehicle, the SkyStriker ,loitering munitions system, Remote Controlled Weapon System (RCWS) and infantry weapon smart sights, allowing rapid and precise fire engagement.

E-Lynx SDR enhancement package

In addition to new vehicular and man-packed configurations, Elbit Systems introduces several key technology enhancements to its E-LynX system including: the implementation of a unique concurrent flooding technique that extends coverage, sharply decreases delays and improves efficiencies; the expansion of range and stability of supported waveforms, which further improves usability and interoperability; and a significant decrease of size and weight that reduces the load on dismounted solders and facilitates easier installations in dense combat platforms. These enable the Company to offer an operational and backward compatible E-LynX enhancement package that provides a radio system of an exceptional immunity, with more than double the throughput and a better form factors. 

E LynX

MAY – wide-area acoustic sensing solution

MAY is a wide-area acoustic sensing solution, surveying its surroundings and providing real-time analysis of emanating sounds including gunshots, mortars and anomalies. Within seconds, the system will detect, define and geo-locate abnormal events, automatically providing critical information for first responders and armed forces.

Sigmacell – an active cellular intelligence system

Sigmacell is a real-time active cellular intelligence system that neutralizes cellular communications of terrorists and criminals. Drawing on Elbit Systems’ Signal Intelligence expertise, SigmaCell is designed to detect, identify, intercept and expose details of target cellular devices and their precise location. Sigmacell covers the full spectrum of cellular communications (GSM, UMTS and LTE), and is able to capture hundreds of devices simultaneously.