Eurosatory 2018: Patria’s passive sensors evolve into a product family

Patria’s Systems Business Unit is known for its formidable expertise in electronic intelligence and radio frequency (RF) sensors. Two new passive RF sensor products will be launched at Eurosatory 2018: MUSCL (Multi-Static Coherent Location) for battle-proof air surveillance, and ARIS-E ESM (Electronic support measures) system for tactical situational awareness. Welcome to visit Patria’s stand Hall 6 – G260/300.

Patria’s new products, MUSCL and ARIS-E, represent the same skills as the successful ARIS system, which is a remote-operable ELINT (Electronic Intelligence) system, and designed to work in today’s increasingly challenging signal environments. It is capable of capturing and analysing the most modern radar signals, and its extremely high-performance pulse processing enables strategic information gathering from radars in challenging operating environments. ARIS has been in operational use since 2010 and is under continuous development.

The two new products, MUSCL and ARIS-E, provide comprehensive tools for spectrum-wide intelligence and surveillance. Passive sensor systems do not transmit signals themselves, but use radio signals transmitted or reflected by the targets. Because passive systems are extremely difficult to detect and small in size, they actually perform better than active radars in various surveillance tasks.

Passive systems are cost-effective to operate. MUSCL offers a modular and highly mobile passive air surveillance system. Its range extends to several hundreds of kilometers with a 360-degree directional coverage, and it can track more than 100 objects simultaneously. MUSCL’s operating principle allows it to detect small and low flying targets, and to pick up stealth targets even better than active radar systems.

The MUSCL system is mainly designed for air surveillance by governmental authorities, but it can also be used to protect critical infrastructure, such as nuclear power plants, and major sporting events.

Another new entry is the ARIS-E ESM system, which provides tactical, time-critical information of radar systems for real-time command and control of operations. It is highly mobile and modular, and is not tied to a particular platform. The system uses libraries assembled from strategic information collected by ARIS and equivalent systems. It can operate autonomously and identify objects automatically.

All of Patria’s passive sensor systems can be used remotely. The sensor stations are capable of 24/7 unmanned operations and are designed for protection against climatic stress. The systems have protected, secure connections between remote sensor stations and operating sites.

Patria offers life-cycle services and continuous development for ARIS, MUSCL and ARIS-E. New software and user interface updates are made each year.