IAI expands the BARAK Air Defense Family


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has unveiled the Barak-MX, a naval and land-based air and missile defense system, which follows the innovative operational concept of the Barak Family of highly flexible defense systems.

The Barak-MX supports various radars and launchers, providing optimized response to fighter aircraft, helicopters, UASs, cruise missiles, land-air and land-land missiles.

Based on smart, operationally proven command control, it supports the use of additional interceptor rockets:

  • The Barak MRAD is a short-range, high-speed vertically launched interceptor suitable for addressing threats within a range of up to 35 km. it includes a radar homing head with a single-pulse engine.
  • The Barak LRAD is a medium-range, high-speed vertically launched for addressing threats within a range of up to 70 km. it includes a radar homing head with a dual-pulse engine.
  • The Barak ER is a long-range, vertically launched interceptor with an accelerator engine, dual-pulse rocket engine and advanced radar homing head. The extension of the interception range is achieved with a rocket accelerator and adapting the communication and radar capabilities to a 150-km range.

The three rockets (MRAD, LRAD and Barak ER) share many common elements, a significant advantage for ongoing maintenance, training and drills by different customers.

As an operationally flexible system, the Barak-MX allows choosing the radar and the interceptor type according to the type of threat and type of mission at hand. The operational decisions regarding the Barak-MX are taken based on the threat, missions and resources characterizing the specific situation. The system’s modular nature allows customers to start with basic configuration and scale up gradually and quickly according to operational and budget needs.

Joseph Weiss, CEO Israel Aerospace Industries said, “Having closed huge export deals for the Barak 8, we continue enhancing our leading air defenses systems with new innovative capabilities. The Barak-MX is highly versatile and is meant to support diversified militaries with the utmost operational flexibility and inherent scalability exemplifies the creativity, technological savviness and boldness of Israel Aerospace Industries.”

Boaz Levy, General Manager and Executive VP of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Systems, Missiles & Space Group commented, “The continued innovation in the development of the Barak Family, including the integration of three interceptors with complementary capabilities and the utmost flexibility result in operational capacity that responds to emerging threats. The modular nature and the technological innovation of the Barak-MX provides a response to a broad range of operational challenges while managing the resources and the effectiveness on the battlefield. The system has been developed based on proven building blocks that provide flexibility in the integrative technological aspect and in the operational aspect, and IAI’s extensive knowhow in developing air-defense systems.”