Royal Norwegian Navy accepts latest SEA DECKsim Virtual Reality Trainer

The Royal Norwegian Navy (RNN) has confirmed official acceptance of the latest iteration of the portable DECKsim Virtual Reality Trainer supplied by Cohort company SEA.

The Norwegians have used a fully integrated Flight Deck Officer (FDO) simulator DECKsim for five years at their training establishment in Haakonsvern Naval Base, Bergen. The new man portable solution enables them to train individuals on board any ship or at any land-based facility.

The DECKsim system replicates flight decks (ships and oil platforms) and land-based airfield environments for training aircraft handling procedures. DECKsim is used by various navies around the world and is currently attracting strong interest globally for both fixed installation simulators and portable solutions. The system is easily configured for specific airframes, platforms and scenario requirements.

SEA Business Development Executive, Andy McGowan, explained: “DECKsim harnesses the latest developments in VR technology embodied within a modular system and users around the world have already benefited from considerable improvements in training effectiveness and the costs of delivering FDO training.”

Current users of DECKsim have reduced FDO related live aircraft flying hours by up to 50% giving a rapid return on investment. In addition to lowering training costs, the system delivers an environment where an individual can train in routine and emergency operating conditions, which is impossible with the live platform.