Successful live firing demonstration of CMI Defence

On June 15, 2018, CMI Defence successfully organized its first Cockerill® Firepower Symposium, a dynamic live firing demonstration in front of some sixty representatives of military delegations from around the world and from the international press. For the first time in its history, CMI Defence had the opportunity to show all the systems in its Cockerill® turret range in a single firing sequence. This day allowed demonstrating in real situation both the quality of design and the firepower of Cockerill® weapons systems.

Six Cockerill® weapon systems fired during the day: the Cockerill® CSE 90LP, the Cockerill® LCTS 90MP, the Cockerill® CPWS, the Cockerill® 3105 integrated on Hanwha’s K21 tracked chassis and two Cockerill® 3030s, one manned, the other unmanned. The sequence included fixed system/fixed target, mobile system/fixed target and fixed system/mobile target. GALIX Self-protection system and multi-band screening smoke salvos (LACROIX), which increases the survivability of the land of Land platforms & systems against existing and emerging threats, has also been realized.

The demonstration took place on the Suippes firing range, where CMI Defence benefits, under the terms of a framework agreement signed in 2015 with the French Ministry of Defense, of access to carry out firing activities. CMI Defence has since been able to integrate the Suippes firing range into its Cockerill® turret crew and maintainer training system as a base for live fire training. This base of Suippes is complementary to the ‘Campus Cockerill’, located in Commercy (a hundred kilometers away) where the training sessions in rooms, in workshops and on Agueris® simulators are given.

Thierry Renaudin, President of CMI Defence: “It was an honor for us to present our entire range of Cockerill® weapon systems to so many military delegations and to the international press. Having them together with us in Suippes and demonstrating the quality of design and firepower of our systems strengthens our relationships of mutual trust, which are essential elements of our future business success. I would also like to thank our partners in this operation, Hanwha and Lacroix, to which I wish a happy 170th birthday. “

General (2s) Bernard Guillet, Defense Advisor of the Etienne Lacroix Group: “We are delighted to have also been able to demonstrate, through our participation in this event, the quality and efficiency of GALIX, our integrated softkill self-protection system, integrated or integrable on any type of platforms equipping the Land Forces. In less than a second, the Galix system