Debut of Diehl´s counter-UAS effector at EUROSATORY

Diehl Defence´s HPEMcounterUAS Effector.

At this year’s EUROSATORY, Diehl Defence is for the first time presenting its new HPEM* effector for protection against small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) posing an increasing threat to public events and military missions.

Existing systems based on jamming of radio signals as well as GPS jamming/spoofing do not provide reliable protection against small, autonomously operating UAS.

By contrast, Diehl’s HPEMcounterUAS effector impacts directly on the control electronics inside the small UAS by means of electromagnetic pulses, thus causing mission abort. This means: whether flying autonomously or radio-controlled, small UAS become inoperable upon impact of HPEM pulses triggering the fail-safe function at distances of up to several hundred meters.

The HPEMcounterUAS effector provides the option of scalable ranges. It can be used against any kind of small UAS and is capable of intercepting entire swarms of small UAS simultaneously.

The first prototype of an HPEMcounterUAS effector was employed at the G7 summit at Elmau Castle in Germany in June 2015. Diehl Defence and its industrial partner ESG are cooperating to generate system solutions.

*HPEM=High-Power Electro-Magnetics