Diehl presented air defence system at Eurosatory 2018

IRIS-T SLM ground-based air defence system.

Diehl Defence showcased its ground-based air defence system comprising an IRIS-T SL surface-launched guided missile, an IRIS-T SLM launch vehicle as well as Ground- Based Multi-Mission Radar. 

Based on the new IRIS-T SL guided missile, which is a component of the German Armed Forces´ new Tactical Air Defence System (TLVS), Diehl Defence is offering armed forces various system solutions for ground-based air defence. The IRIS-T SLS/SLM short- and medium-range air defence systems possess open system architectures providing maximum flexibility for new weapon systems as well as for modernization of legacy equipment. The mobile and all-terrain IRIS-T SLS/SLM air defence systems provide 360° protection against attacks from the air by aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and guided weapons. The missiles are fired vertically from the eight launch canisters on the carrier vehicle, enabling simultaneous engagement of several targets from very short to medium range distances within extremely short reaction times.

Almost all modern multi-function radars for display of the air situation and target acquisition can be integrated into IRIS-T SLS/SLM. The open system architecture of IRIS-T SLS/SLM enables flexible adaptation to different country-specific command and control systems. The systems are ideally suited for permanent operation with minimum staff requirements due to a high degree of automation.

The first IRIS-T SLS air defence systems will be delivered shortly to Sweden. The country is a partner in the European IRIS-T missile program.