Terma and MASS partner to deliver global EWLS Solution


Terma, a Denmark based Aerospace, Defence & Security Group, and UK-based MASS, a Cohort plc company, have partnered to deliver a global Electronic Warfare Lifecycle Support (EWLS) solution. Independently, Terma and MASS are experts in their own areas of the EW domain. By teaming the companies’ capabilities, an “all inclusive”, EWLS solution emerges that can support any fleet.

These services include countermeasure development, mission data generation, flight data replay and debrief, completing the EWLS cycle and supporting the next round of countermeasure development.

Working together Terma and MASS can provide a comprehensive and coherent EWLS solution that offers:

  • Control and exploitation of your own EW data and information, heightening and enhancing mission effectiveness
  • Cost-effective solutions that accelerate the mission support processes and reduces time taken in providing support
  • Expert advice and consultancy that supports the development, maintenance and full exploitation of your EW equipment’s capability

MASS Managing Director, Chris Stanley, commented “This partnering reinforces our position as a market leader in the provision of Electronic Warfare Operational Support (EWOS) services. We are delighted to be partnering with a company that reflects our own innovative approach to the challenges of the EW domain and our high quality service. Terma’s pedigree within the EW domain is reflected in its 60 year heritage and its expansive customer base.”

Senior Business Development Director at Terma, Michael Houmann Tandrup, said: “We are very pleased to announce this agreement with MASS. We are now in a position to provide our present and future customers and partners with a complete and independent Electronic Warfare Lifecycle Support solution that can support any fleet, offering extended support services.”

MASS are experts in Electronic Warfare (EW) data management and have a long and distinguished history of threat vulnerability analysis and countermeasure development, supporting of some of the worlds’ most experienced and demanding EW customers. They are also recognized EW training providers delivering national and international training courses from foundation level through to MSc level.

Terma are experienced global providers of Electronic Warfare Management Solutions. Their EW solutions enable control and integration of any combination of sensors and countermeasures systems on any type of aircraft, making these subsystems work as one integrated system. Terma compliment their equipment offerings with an EW mission management package, providing excellent and cost-effective flexibility for reconfiguration, reprogramming, tailoring and validation of the full EW system’s capabilities.