Cloud-Based Command, Control and Communications capability now available beyond government


Cohort plc company, MASS, has developed a new military-grade cloud-based network capability. The cloud-based system includes office functionality, messaging, private secured intranet, video calling and secured software all hosted on UK Government approved systems.

Organisations from energy companies, humanitarian agencies and election monitors in post-conflict countries can now access a military-grade command and control capability hosted securely in the cloud via the G Cloud 10 portal.

MASS has extensive experience in this area working with secure LAN and WAN environments. The company designed a classified network which enables fully encrypted transmission of classified information over the internet, supporting effective command and control of the EU run, Operation ATALANTA, both ashore and afloat.

The new service can be deployed in multiple areas anywhere in the world at any scale, and can be tailored to include specialist customer applications and databases. The software is also adaptable for smaller organisations who may need the service intermittently and can utilise it on future occasions.

Additional functionality can be specified to include ERP and GIS applications and database hosting. As well as options such as the provision of ruggedised end user computing devices, encryption of data at rest and in transit, global connectivity by satellite, local encrypted private telephony, and connectivity over digital radio, mobile telephony or PMR in deployed locations.

Teams and organisations that would benefit from the Command and Control MASS cloud-based system include:

  • Election monitoring teams
  • Energy prospecting, both offshore and in remote areas
  • Humanitarian and disaster relief teams, including multi-agency teams coordinated by a single authority
  • Scientific research teams

Steve Townsend, Training and Operational Support Group Head, said: “The key features of our military-grade, operationally proven Command and Control solution are now available for the first time beyond Government agencies, with the added simplicity of being operated in the cloud. It takes time to set up new IT infrastructure in-house and a deployable infrastructure is an expensive resource to be underutilised. Our solution gives them rapid capability, agile deployment options, peace of mind during operations from encrypted security, and flexibility over contract length.”

Chris Stanley, Managing Director commented: “MASS is dedicated to delivering a seamless service and this new offering enables us to support customers turn their data into operational advantage using a revolutionised cloud-based system. We have fused our deployable LAN experience and information management intelligence to support customers worldwide and enable them to continue operations with all of the flexibility, security and availability of a cloud-based service.”