Abaco Launches SRS6000 Multi-Channel Synchronous Receiver System


Abaco Systems today announced the SRS6000 Multi-channel Synchronous Receiver System. Designed for customers developing advanced, high channel density electronic warfare and SIGINT applications, it can significantly reduce time to market.

The SRS6000 leverages Abaco’s leadership in FPGA hardware platforms and solutions and brings a new level of application-specific functionality, helping customers accelerate their development process and get to a solution faster by obviating the need for in-house development that can be time-consuming and costly.

The SRS6000 is unique in a number of ways. Out of the box, it delivers the ability to synchronize up to 32 1GSPS ADC channels with a remarkable picosecond jitter. It is also scalable, with the potential to daisy-chain up to eight systems for a total of 256 synchronized channels in the most demanding applications. The SRS6000 also features an auto-calibration capability, meaning that it will automatically adjust its calibration routine in response to changes in cabling or setup. Migration to a deployed, rugged 3U VPX system is straightforward.

Target applications include MIMO radar, beamforming, direction finding and multi-channel listening.

“Multi-element arrays like those found in radar and other RF apertures are increasingly driving the requirement for tight synchronization between many channels – sometimes in the thousands,” said Peter Thompson, Vice President, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “The SRS6000 provides the precision and channel density required by many of these applications.”

“Ensuring synchronization and deterministic latency through calibration is critical in any system – but calibrating a system with multiple converters can be a challenge to achieve,” continued Thompson. “The SRS6000 is designed for customers looking to jumpstart an electronic warfare or SIGINT development and who need to accelerate their proof of concept. It provides a new degree of precision, performance and extensibility – while at the same time helping customers minimize the time, cost and risk involved in bringing advanced electronic warfare solutions to market.”

With two Intel® 2.2GHz Xeon E5 processors and five Xilinx® Ultrascale™ FPGAs, the SRS6000 provides server grade processing for the most computationally-intensive applications. Additionally, PCIe™ Gen3x8 and FireFly™ x8 fiber optic interconnects provide extreme throughput for powerful streaming.