Thales unveils ALTESSE-H


At the Euronaval 2018 future naval technologies exhibition in Paris, Thales is launching ALTESSE-H, a new communications electronic warfare solution with a highly intuitive user interface.

This passive naval electronic warfare solution with built-in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity is designed to keep vessels safe from 21st century threats and has already been selected for the French Navy’s FTI medium-size frigates programme.

To protect vessels and crews and assert national sovereignty, navies need to detect threats earlier so they can respond faster, identifying threats in real time while constantly gathering intelligence and maintaining a clear tactical picture of the electromagnetic environment.

ALTESSE-H, the new naval communications electronic warfare solution from Thales, identifies up to 2,000 targets in real time. With its TRC 6460 ultra-high-frequency interceptor and direction finder, advanced antenna system and operating software derived from the Keyobs suite, ALTESSE-H delivers real operational benefits, including faster response times and the ability to capture shorter signals at longer range and gather intelligence data at the same time.

New capabilities that make ALTESSE-H the best-performing product on the market:

  • Higher power to intercept signals at very long range — twice the range of earlier models
  • Higher reliability for better performance in dense electromagnetic environments
  • Faster detection to capture shorter signals
  • More intuitive, with real-time alerts when an imminent threat is detected

“Thales draws on more than 40 years of experience in communications electronic warfare to bring naval forces worldwide unrivalled expertise in critical multisensor systems. ALTESSE-H is an innovative solution combining artificial intelligence and human intelligence to help operators perform their surveillance mission at every decisive moment,” said Anne Napoli, director of Thales’s communications electronic warfare business.