World First: WELP Armouring releases certified VPAM 6 safety helmet for Kalashnikov protection


This combat helmet offers so far unprecedented bullet resistance according to VPAM HVN 2009 protection class 6, which corresponds to a ballistic protection against ammunition of the caliber 7.62 x 39 mm. This exceptionally high protection is provided throughout the helmet’s entire surface area of 1127 cm².

Compared to the safety helmets frequently used so far, the H6 PRO offers an unrestricted high 360° protection. Therefore, the helmet wearer is completely protected even in the edge areas, which makes the H6 PRO unique in its category. This is in contrast to other helmet manufacturers, which often use different material combinations or deliberately abandon protection of the edge area. This unique ballistic performance was tested and certified on 14 May 2018 by the German firing authority according to the current VPAM guideline.

The H6 PRO offers an exclusively high level of protection and is especially recommended for short special operations such as Special Deployment Commandos and Mobile Deployment Commandos. The H6 PRO is manufactured with cutting edge technology by the WELP Group and therefore provides an outstanding well performance as well as a robust and reliable design.

H6ProThanks to the padded inserts, the H6 PRO also offers a high degree of wearing comfort. It can be individually adjusted to different head circumferences from 51 to 65 cm by one-handed adjustment of the built-in flexible belt system. Therefore, the wearer is able to make quick adjustments while preparing actions. The special construction of the H6 PRO offers the helmet wearer the best possible vision and the possibility of using common night vision devices.

Despite its full edge protection, the wearer’s hearing is only minimally impaired. A flexible adapter system on the outside of the helmet allows all common accessories and individual required features to be attached, without needing to screw holes through the outer shell. The colour range as well as the surface condition can be personalized according the customer requirements.