US Coast Guard contracts Priority 1 Air Rescue for Hoist Operator Training


Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), a world leader in helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) mission operational support and training, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a contract by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to provide instructor led ab-initio to advanced level helicopter hoist operator training for flight mechanic aircrews operating both the MH-65 D/E and MH-60T helicopters.

The contract has a period of performance for up-to-five years and approximately 475-500 students. The USCG flight mechanics will attend the P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) located in Mesa Arizona, to participate in ground school instruction, practice with USCG specific SAR equipment, and complete hoist procedural tower and synthetic training utilizing the virtual hoist simulator with P1AR instructors.

Historically, like many other military services the USCG has trained its helicopter hoist operators through on the job training employing a structured syllabus with all hoist practice and training completed in the aircraft during flight; gaining this qualification would take anywhere from 4-9 months. To meet the training challenges of the USCG’s increasingly demanding mission mandate and readiness needs, P1AR will provide the USCG a custom-tailored training solution to include eLearning and computer-based training (CBT), training guides and workbooks, interactive learning, and student training information management systems & support.

To address the very broad spectrum of USCG SAR mission requirements, P1AR will incorporate its proven instructional design approaches and standardized training modalities along with their state-of-the-art simulation system. The virtual hoist simulator will provide course participants the ability to complete mission specific hoist and SAR evolutions in operationally relevant environments and will further enhance crew readiness at reduced risk and cost, while also maximizing the training value.

P1AR’s mission training solutions comprise of an extensive array of training products and services, including live flight training, synthetic, and blended training solutions by employing synthetic training at SART/TAC, where experienced P1AR instructors prepare students to engage in basic fundamental skills to complex and realistic scenarios to develop intuitive decision-making skills so operators have the confidence to act appropriately and decisively during real missions.

“It is a tremendous honor to work with the USCG Office of Aviation Forces and USCG Aviation Helicopter Standardization Branches. This is certainly one of the most important achievements and undertakings that we have ever had the opportunity to participate in”, said Brad Matheson, President of Priority 1 Air Rescue.

“We are committed to providing the USCG with innovative solutions that deliver dynamic, effective training programs to improve operational readiness and reduce training costs. Although the training program for the USCG is custom tailored and utilizes the latest version of our simulator technology, it is similar to our well proven standard ab-initio to advanced level inland/offshore SAR training program we have provided to our customers at SART/TAC since 2012”.