IMT Vislink collaborates with MOHOC® to produce new Helmet and Body-worn RF Video Transmission System

Photo Credit: Equipnor AB

xG® Technology, Inc., whose brands are recognized as the global leaders in live video communications in the broadcast, military and government markets, announces that its IMT Vislink business will debut its new helmet and body-worn RF video transmission system, which includes the MOHOC® camera and IMTDragonfly wireless camera transmitter, at the Egypt Defense Expo (“EDEX 2018”).

“Pairing the IMTDragonFly, a superior miniature wireless video transmission system, with the revolutionary MOHOC tactically-designed military helmet camera provides ultra-low latency and broadcast quality live video transmission over RF in the most extreme environments,” says Tony Price, VP of Business Development, Military and Government, for IMT Vislink. “We are excited about the opportunity to display our solutions at EDEX 2018, as it presents a great opportunity for us to showcase our latest high-quality technologies for the armed forces and law enforcement industries.”

MOHOC Cameras are ruggedized cameras that are used to record both training and key mission activities. MOHOC cameras feature a patented form-factor that provides a low-profile and helmet-contoured fit. With an IP68 rating, they are ruggedized and easy-to-use in extreme conditions with simple, tactile controls. The cameras capture 1080p HD video and 12MP photos in visible light and infrared illumination, run on multiple battery types and livestream video over Wi-Fi. MOHOC cameras are already deployed with the U.S. Navy and Special Forces and SWAT teams around the world.

The IMTDragonFly is a miniature transmitter designed to capture real-time, high-quality video from UAV, UGV, bodycams and concealments for display on fixed or mobile receive applications and features HD/SD-SDI or optional HDMI inputs with COFDM transmission in a small, lightweight chassis.

Additional solutions for a variety of different strategic applications, including unmanned air and ground vehicles, public security monitoring and covert surveillance will also be on display at EDEX, including:

  • Advent MSAT-120—a highly portable, lightweight, tri-band satellite terminal that can be set up anywhere to provide secure and non-secure data and video transmission in as little as five minutes.
  • The MicroLite 2 system—a high-value, compact professional-grade COFDM HD wireless camera transmission link capable of providing high-quality video at distances over two miles, line-of-sight (LOS).
  • Mobil Commander—COFDM handheld receiver that can send video over Ethernet to remote software or hardware decoders, allowing multiple remote viewers to monitor the same video simultaneously.
  • Mini Mobil Commander—a small, ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) diversity handheld receiver/monitor offering exceptional RF performance and durability, combined with true ease of operation and superb H.264 and MPEG-2 decoding.
  • CIRAS-X6—receiver combining a six-way high gain antenna system with the latest diversity receiver technology, in one easy-to-install central receive package.

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