Presagis Showcased Innovation in VR and Simulation at I/ITSEC 2018

The HELI CRAFT customizable helicopter simulator.

Presagis presented the latest evolution of VELOCITY, demonstrating innovative virtual reality (VR) solution concepts, unveiling a free game-engine based geospatial viewer, and showcasing the newest release of its modeling and simulation suite, M&S Suite 18.

A leader in simulation software and solutions, Presagis leverages its deep expertise and rich technology to develop simulation and virtual reality solutions that help train defense organizations and prepare them for deployment.

On the Content Creation side, Presagis will be demonstrating its latest showcase created in VELOCITY: Madrid – featuring extremely dense 3D environments. A scalable, automated way of building very large-scale synthetic environments from a wide range of geospatial and sensor data, VELOCITY gives agencies and organizations the ability to create rich, immersive 3D urban virtual environments quickly and repeatedly, while integrating with their existing workflows, tools, and processes.

Integrating some of the market-leading solutions from the geospatial, simulation, gaming, architecture and entertainment industries, VELOCITY can be easily customized to ingest a wide variety of geospatial data, then correlate, fuse, process, build, thin, and publish terrains in any format, for any use.

“Through relentless innovation and research, Presagis is truly pushing the boundaries of simulation and mixed reality. To that end, we will be demonstrating our company’s ability to innovate and partner with companies and organizations both inside and outside the industry,” explains Jean-Michel Brière, Presagis’ President. “A concrete example of our expertise and ability to integrate with other technology is our Virtual Immersive Training demo.”

On display at the Presagis booth is a Dismounted Virtual Immersive Training demonstration. Users will participate in an anti-terrorist raid scenario from high above the city, down to street level, to inside buildings, and all the way to underground tunnels. By simultaneously combining the live, virtual, constructive, and gaming domains, Presagis is helping define the next generation of training systems that will help military organizations conduct realistic multi-echelon / multi-domain combined arms maneuver and mission command training.

Underlining its new collaboration with Epic Games, Presagis is proud to unveil ORB ViewR – a free geospatial viewer that allows content producers to interactively view, explore, and validate entire databases created in the OpenFlight, MetaFlight, and Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB) formats. Powered by Unreal Engine, the ORB ViewR will provide users with unlimited One World Terrain streaming in a software viewer providing photo-realistic rendering, round-earth support, and the smooth, seamless performance inherent with the gaming industry.

After a series of sales, Presagis will demonstrate the latest additions to their CRAFT series of customizable simulators. Both UAV CRAFT and HELI CRAFT have undergone significant enhancements. From real-time LiDAR simulations in degraded visual environments to virtual flight tests, Presagis’ CRAFT series are helping researchers, manufacturers, universities, and defense organizations all around the world to design, test, and research new systems and subsystems in high-fidelity simulators.

Making significant strides in the market, Panorama, Presagis’ new, competitively priced image generation system continues to provide customers with high-fidelity, scalable, turnkey simulation systems. At I/ITSEC 2018, Panorama will showcase performance and visuals that include large numbers of entities, pattern of life, WGS-84 round-earth, and richer, more immersive views with output-adaptable LODs.

“Leveraging the momentum of M&S Suite 17 earlier this year, our launch of Modeling & Simulation Suite 18 is squarely focused on performance and workflow. All of our content creation tools (Creator, Terra Vista), simulation applications (Ondulus, STAGE, FlightSIM and HeliSIM), and visualization software (Vega Prime) have been enhanced to ensure users are not only working faster, but more efficiently,” said Stéphane Blondin, Presagis’ Vice President of Product Management and Marketing.

Presagis prioritized customer feedback and invested heavily in ensuring that application performance took a large leap forward, while functionality and interface elements were enhanced to let customers work in the most efficient manner possible.

“Nearly every product in the suite has been improved – from Creator and Terra Vista, to the simulators and Vega Prime. Vega Prime and Ondulus in particular received many improvements in the form of Physically-Based Rendering and support for Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) for Ondulus, and increased realism in marine environments for Vega Prime,” continues Blondin.