Upgraded Thales and Rheinmetall Electronics Simulators for Tiger Helicopters


Armed forces need access to instruction and training resources based on the latest technologies. To make the right decisions at every decisive moment in the theatre of operations, they need to master ever more complex tactical situations in real time. 

German and French Tiger helicopter simulators are being upgraded under the Tiger Aircrew Training Means (TATM) programme awarded by Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) in December 2014. The first upgraded simulation systems for France’s Tiger HAD combat support variant and Germany’s UHT Step 2 anti-tank / fire support variant have now completed qualification procedures at the Franco-German training academy (EFA) in Le Cannet-des-Maures in South-East France.

The upgrade is a key milestone in the OCCAR Tiger programme, and brings the training systems into line with the configurations of Tiger helicopters in service with the German and French armed forces. Helicopter crews were able to continue their training during the upgrade. Successful completion of qualification procedures is the latest illustration of the successful cooperation between France, Germany, Thales and Rheinmetall Electronics.

On top of EFA, the new versions of the Full Mission Simulators and Cockpit Procedure Trainers are now operational with the French combat helicopter regiments based in Pau and Phalsbourg, and will be operational shortly with the German combat helicopter regiment in Fritzlar.

For the upgraded simulation functions Thales and Rheinmetall delivered new cockpit configurations for HAD and UHT including new weapon systems for the HAD variant, display technology and avionics. In addition to these new instruction and training capabilities the latest generation of Computer-Generated Force software as well as new powerful image generators was added. To meet the increased needs for tactical training a simulated UHT ground station was installed.

New visual databases have also been developed for this programme to provide even more faithful representations of the theatres of operations in which Tiger aircrews are required to operate. The new functions bring added realism to virtual and tactical environments, increasing the chances of mission success by enabling crews to acquire and develop tactical skills in conditions as close as possible to real life.

Rheinmetall Electronics and Thales will continue to work together to provide support services for the 20 simulators until 2025. Currently more than 150 Tiger attack helicopters are in service with the armed forces of France, Germany and other countries.