GSCI is bringing their esteemed Thermal Fusion Systems to IDEX 2019

General Starlight Co. Inc. – the company behind some of the most innovative modern night vision and thermal imaging devices – will be attending this year’s IDEX exhibition in Abu Dhabi from February 17-21.

Their visit will most notably introduce their highly sought-after Quadro series to the thriving Middle Eastern market. The global success of these professional Thermal Fusion systems indicates that there is a lot to be excited about, and February is going to be your best chance to test it out first hand.

“We have been investing a lot of time, energy and care into our various Quadro systems, and I’m glad to see all our hard work is being appreciated by our professional and knowledgeable clientele” said Andrew B., lead technician at GSCI. “The Quadro systems come in a variety of configurations – If the end-user needs a reliable Fusion system mounted on their helmet, we have the new Quadro-G Goggles for that purpose. Another option is the Quadro-B Fusion Binoculars, available with a variety of lens sizes for long-range detection. If the weapon-mounted option is preferred, they have the option of the classic Quadro-S standalone Fusion weapon sight or Quadro-SC clip-on weapon sight.”

If you’re not familiar with this technology yet, GSCI’s fusion systems operate in 4 distinct, manually-cycled modes: thermal, daytime, nighttime, and a day/night/thermal hybrid view, aptly named Fusion mode. These channels work together to produce a lag-free video image that gives the operator unmatched situational awareness in any low-light scenario. GSCI’s fusion technology is undeniably considered top-tier within the industry, which is no surprise coming from a company that’s garnered a reputation for high-end, professional-grade devices over the last two decades. The Quadro series is certainly no exception.


  • The highest available FPA Resolution of 640×480.
  • Easy and intuitive multi-channel operation, minimal training required.
  • Auto-NUC for smooth, uninterrupted, quiet operation (no clicks/sounds, no calibration needed).
  • Fast, high performance Germanium lens with the lowest F-number for a sharp, clear image.
  • High Refresh Rate of 50Hz for a constantly smooth live video feed.
  • Quadro-G Fusion Goggles system is helmet/head mountable for hands-free operation, while enhancing situational awareness through a wider Field of View.
  • Quadro-S/SC Fusion Sight system can be operated in handheld mode, as well as weapon-mounted with or without a daytime scope.
  • Light Weight, yet Durable Hard-Anodized Aluminum Housing.
  • Waterproof, Dust proof, and Corrosion Proof.
  • Built-in video recorder, expandable to 32 GB.
  • Short start up time of up to 3 seconds.
  • Longest in the industry, 7 year limited warranty.
  • Fully Mil. Std. compliant.