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Issue of February/March 2019 (2655 downloads)

Editorial Topics:
  • Air Force: Funny Business: The use of business aircraft converted and equipped for intelligence gathering is growing. Martin Streetly reports.
  • Sea Power: Capability Crossover: Multi-Purpose Cruise Missiles: Navies are turning to the need for ship launched missiles that can prosecute targets on land or sea. Dr. Lee Willett explains.
  • Land Warfare: Fighting Bloodless Battles: Stephen W. Miller examines the development and increasingly widespread use of synthetic training.
  • Land Warfare: Move Fast, Hit Hard: Special operations vehicles have been a ‘must have’ for special forces ever since the days of the Long Range Desert Group in WWII. Andrew White reports.
  • Satcoms: Satcoms gets Tactical: Dr. Thomas Withington describes the progress SATCOM developers have made in bringing satellite communications down to the tactical level.
  • Country Analysis: UAE Military Procurement: The military forces of the United Arab Emirates have come a long way in a short time. Jon Lake finds out what is next.
  • Armada Commentary: Global Defence needs may help us Army Modernisation: Andrew Hunter examines the influences on US Army modernisation.
Issue of February/March 2019 (2655 downloads)