CAE introduces new course offerings at Dothan Training Center


At the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Mission Solutions Summit, CAE announced it has begun offering several new courses at the CAE Dothan Training Center in Dothan, Alabama. 

CAE is offering both five-day and three-day C-12/King Air B200 recurrent/refresher training courses as well as a three-day Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) course offered in partnership with Aviation Performance Solutions (APS).

The CAE Dothan Training Center is the site for United States Army fixed-wing flight training as well as U.S. Air Force C-12 training. The military approved and certified training center is also available to other U.S. and international military customers.

“The CAE Dothan Training Center has now been open for two years and during that time we have focused intently on delivering high-quality fixed-wing flight training to the Army and Air Force,” said Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA. “While we continue to support the base contract for Army Fixed-Wing Flight Training and increase the number of Army fixed-wing aviators training annually, we also have capacity to offer pilot training to other operators. Our new C-12/King Air B200 recurrent courses and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training course are available to not just the U.S. Army, but other military customers as well.”

The five and three-day C-12/King Air B200 recurrent/refresher courses include academic ground school training, brief/debrief sessions and full-flight simulator training in new CAE-built C-12/King Air B200 simulators. There are three different cockpit configurations available for full-flight simulator training: Collins Aerospace Proline 21; Collins Aerospace Proline 2; and Universal (UNS-1F).

The three-day UPRT course is delivered in partnership by CAE and APS, the world’s largest provider of UPRT solutions. The course provides a comprehensive understanding and practical live aircraft training in CAE’s Grob G120TP aircraft to address Loss-of-Control In-Flight (LOC-I), one of the leading causes of aircraft incidents globally. The course provides students with the awareness and understanding to recognize, prevent, and if required, recover from upset events in an aircraft.

The CAE Dothan Training Center is a new and modern 79,000 square foot training facility located at Dothan Regional Airport in Dothan, Alabama. CAE is the prime contractor responsible for the Army Fixed-Wing Flight Training program that provides the training required to fly the Army’s fleet of more than 350 fixed-wing aircraft.

Academic, simulator, and live-flying training using CAE-owned Grob G120TP and Army-owned C-12 aircraft is delivered at the CAE Dothan Training Center. The training facility also includes a fitness center, cafeteria and other amenities.