Optronic technology and Unattended Ground Sensors system: A successful collaboration between Bertin and Exensor


Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, Exensor Technology is a world leading supplier of networked and tailored Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Systems named Flexnet, especially dedicated to military and homeland security applications.

The Flexnet portfolio includes miniaturized wireless seismic and acoustic sensors for threat detection and classification, passive infrared sensors for directional motion detection, as well as intelligent day & night motion cameras enabling soldiers to observe without being seen.

In November 2017, Exensor Technology became a subsidiary of Bertin Technologies, a French company involved in all stages of the innovation cycle, from R&D to the delivery of high added value instruments and systems. This acquisition strengthened and speeded up the strategic development of Bertin Technologies on the global instrumentation and surveillance market for defense and security application.

In an efficient product collaboration, Exensor and Bertin Technologies rapidly addressed the specific needs of one of Exensor customers in Asia. Four months after the beginning of their partnership, the engineering team successfully integrated Bertin’s optronic technology (CamSight) into Exensor SCOUT Camera module, thus creating the CamSight, a compact core camera

Integration of Bertin Instruments’ CamSight® into Exensor’s Scout camera.

With the CamSight “shutterless” system, this new “Made in Europe” rugged module guarantees a fluidity and quality of image unequaled on the market. The CamSight requires a single factory calibration only without the need for any periodic calibration control. Having low-energy consumption, it perfectly suits missions with high-autonomy constraints: day/night vision for soldiers, surveillance and integration in autonomous vehicles or sensors (UAS, UGV or UGS).

The Exensor Flexnet platform offers a 24/7 perimeter protection for security operations in harsh conditions. The flexible toolbox architecture using plug and play components can easily be extended and integrate third-party sensors for multi-surveillance missions.

The Flexnet wireless protection and surveillance platform is a Force Multiplier and a multi-mission capability suitable for several type of missions including area surveillance, force protection tasks and intelligence gathering. Flexnet is a scalable platform, in the smallest form consisting of a handheld PDA unit and a few sensors up to larger systems for protection of camps and integrating into existing Battle management systems (BMS).

Today, the CamSight module already equips the new generation of SCOUT cameras from the Flexnet surveillance network.

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