Power Your Government Operations with High-Throughput Satellites


Broadband throughput is an essential aspect of military satellite communications, and high-throughput satellite (HTS) technology has proven to be ideally suited for a number of government applications.

Most existing SATCOM networks cannot easily migrate to a closed architecture commercial system, and open architecture HTS systems operational today can be leveraged immediately by government users for mission-critical applications. However, many potential users have been misled into believing that HTS systems are specific to Ka-band. This is wholly inaccurate – the significant benefits of HTS can be applied to any frequency band, and Ku-band has significant benefits over Ka-band in a variety of scenarios.

The Intelsat EpicNG platform is vendor platform-agnostic in its HTS design and applies high-frequency reuse in Ku-band to deliver more throughput per unit of spectrum.

Read our three case studies in this white paper to learn how Intelsat EpicNG has significantly increased throughput and performance for ISR operations, U.S. Marine Corps Networking-on-the-Move (NOTM) requirements and ground network technology for the U.S. DoD.

Download our latest white paper to find out more about how high-throughput satellites can serve your program.

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