Danish company given big responsibility once again


CST is proud to announce that we once again have the pleasure to join a strategic partnership with Thales NL for development of an upgrade of the MIRADOR electro-optical sensor system. 

Copenhagen Sensor Technology A/S (CST) and Thales Nederland B.V. (Thales NL) have a long history of collaboration, and after the success with the Thales Goalkeeper close-in weapon systems (CIWS) in which we provided the optical solution, we are proud to have been chosen once again to provide an electro-optical sensor system for the MIRADOR naval observation platform.

The MIRADOR fire control system incorporates the latest technological features such as carbon fiber shell structure and a direct-drive servo system. Thanks to its four sensors MIRADOR is capable of combining optical surveillance and tracking capabilities. It uses two daylight TV cameras (surveillance & tracking), and an IR camera (tracking). An eye-safe laser range finder and an optronic tracking unit ensure that accurate target position indication is carried out. The new and improved upgrade of the MIRADOR electro-optical sensor system will secure an even more precise boresight and optimize the ability to track objects.

Main features of the electro-optical sensor system that CST deliver:

  • Optimal combination of surveillance and tracking characteristics due to an extensive electro-optical sensor system
  • Comprising color TV camera and highly light sensitive black and white TV camera
  • Precision Optical package
  • Extremely rugged design to endure even the worst weather conditions
  • High Definition sensors

“It is with great pleasure for CST to announce this strategic partnership with Thales NL once again, where we this time will be delivering an upgrade to the MIRADOR electro-optical sensor system.”

– Carsten Høiberg, CEO at CST.

CST has extensive expertise and a proven track record within visible band camera systems as well as the zintegration of sensors to a complete suite or package. Key focus is image processing resources along with speed of information flow through fiber optical transmission. We are a leader in ruggedized electro-optical solutions with a deep know-how in the whole process from design, development, manufacturing and maintenance of electro-optical solutions – and that is why, we often are the preferred partner, when considering new electro-optical solutions.