ELTA Systems Awarded Surveillance Radar System Contract for Mexican Off-Shore Rigs

ELTA Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), was awarded a contract in Mexico to supply ELM-2226 Advance Coastal Surveillance Radars (ACSR) to protect off-shore rigs and energy platforms. ELTA was awarded the contract by Grupo KABAT, the prime contractor for this program. Grupo KABAT is a provider of high-end security solutions for governmental and commercial institutions in Mexico. The radars provide wide area situational awareness, detection and tracking of all types of surface threats to the oil rigs and other vital facilities located off the coast of Mexico. The program consists of supplying and deploying several radars and linking them to a central Command and Control (C2) center.

Protecting national assets was set as a high priority by the current Mexican government, and among these assets the country’s off-shore oil rigs rank high in importance. The ELM-2226 was selected due to its global performance record, especially with rig protection. ELTA has delivered over 120 ELM-226 radars worldwide, including Latin America.

The ELM-2226 is optimized for the detection of all types of surface targets even under adverse sea conditions. The radars are designed with state-of-the-art solid-state Linear Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (LFMCW) transmission technology that offers enhanced efficiency and accuracy. The radars feature continuous, automatic detection and tracking of more than 900 targets thereby providing a reliable tactical situation display. The ELM-2226 has an impressive detection range of 20 Nm for rubber boats, 60 Nm for patrol craft and up to the radar horizon for large ships. The radars are managed remotely from a central C2 center, and require a minimum crew to operate them.

Yoav Turgeman, ELTA President &IAI Executive VP, said, “We are pleased that our ELM-2226 radar was once again selected in the Latin American region. The radar has a solid track record of providing excellent situational awareness and reliable performance. The radar is part of a wider family of IAI products tailored for surveillance and protection of coastal and maritime zones”