EXPAL Systems presents solutions to evolve Eurofighter Typhoon capabilities


EXPAL presented in the conference SYMDEX 2019 “Universe 4.0: The Digital Transformation in Defense”, its engineering and systems integration solutions to evolve Eurofighter Typhoon capabilities.

In particular, the company works in the integration of air armament of the MK80 series, that enhances the Eurofighter’s operational supremacy in its air-surface training and real-fire missions.

During the conferences, focused on the Air Force and celebrated in the Polytechnic School of the Army, EXPAL presented the complex process of digitalization of the prototypes, treatment and analysis of the data collected during the flights of the Eurofighter. These works enable the perfect integration of air armament, ensuring the compatibility of the system in all loading conditions and operating environment as well as identifying the effects caused on the platform. The tests and simulations have been carried out in England and Spain, in extreme operational and weather conditions.

EXPAL’s capabilities and experience in engineering and integration services, enables the company to optimize the operational and safety features, as well as integrate new defense systems and air armament to the platforms in service.

EXPAL develops these high value solutions for the main companies in the sector and in the main aerial platforms in service. The company’s products are in service in more than 25 air forces.

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