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Editorial Topics:
  • Land Warfare: Detect, Deter or Destroy: Soldiers on the battlefield now require counter UAS capabilities to protect their movement and location from enemies, explains Stephen W. Miller.
  • SAAB Exercise: Artic Guardians: Oceanic OPVs: The biennial Artic Challenge Exercise (ACE) allows Scandanavian and NATO air forces to test their metal over one of Europe’s largest air training areas. Andrew Drwiega reports.
  • Air Power: Friends Overhead: Jon Lake examines the development of close air support and takes a look at the widening types of aircraft now being considered for this role.
  • Sea Power: Australian Navy Trials Autonomous Maritime Systems: Dr. Lee Willett reports on the Royal Australian Navy’s demonstration of unmanned systems and concepts of operation.
  • Land Warfare: Seeing to Shoot – Advances in Night Vision: Michael J Gething scans night vision technology and the latest updates available to today’s infanty.
  • Spec Ops: OPS and Expeditionary Forces Debrief: Special operations soldiers are increasingly looking to synthetic real-world training to give a greater edge to mission planning as Andrew White finds out.
  • Country Analysis: NATO’s Baltic Front: NATO forces have strengthened the Baltic states while a wave of equipment updates are being put into place as David Oliver discovers.
  • Armada Commentary: Autonomous Systems: Andrew Hunter looks at how the military and industry are adapting to the rise of autonomous systems in defence.

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