Robonic delivers OHTO fourth-generation UAV launcher to Finnish Defense Forces

OHTO launcher
OHTO launcher

Robonic Ltd Oy, a Safran Electronics & Defense company, has delivered an OHTO fourth-generation pneumatic launcher to the Finnish Defense Forces (FDF). The FDF already deploy Robonic’s KARHU small launchers and KONTIO third-generation launchers to launch their aerial target drones.

The fourth-generation OHTO launcher is a highly transportable universal launcher capable of handling a wide variety of target drones or tactical unmanned aerial vehicles. OHTO is designed to launch air vehicles weighing up to 150 kg with an exit velocity of 55 m/s. Fourth-generation OHTO and third-generation KONTIO launchers are operationally compatible, since they use the same adapters.

OHTO integrates advanced technologies for easier operation. For example, operators can get the launcher ready for another launch within minutes, from a safe distance. It also features software-based monitoring to give users extensive launch statistics and improve operator safety. Other outstanding features include an advanced design, aerospace-quality structure, built-in maintainability, tactical mobility and transportability, since it can be towed by an SUV or sling- loaded on an NH90-class helicopter.

“We are extremely proud of today’s delivery to the Finnish Defense Forces, which marks a major milestone in our long-term relationship with our key customer,” said Markku Viitala, Managing Director of Robonic. “With this new-generation launcher, FDF completes its launcher fleet and can optimize the use of third and fourth-generation launchers, resulting in higher efficiency”.

Drawing on three decades of experience and a global customer base, Robonic supports the evolving requirements of UAS manufacturers and end-users from around the world.