Textron shows reconfigurable Light Tactical Vehicle at SOFIC


Stephen W. Miller, at SOFIC, Tampa, USA – Textron Systems displayed its next generation light tactical vehicle mobility solution for military forces at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC).

Referred to as the HAVOC-M, their concept incorporates the experience and innovative technology from its Arctic Cat off-road business to provide an all-terrain vehicle designed to be reconfigured to address multiple mission needs.

Available in either diesel, gas or hybrid powered versions it can accommodate two or four passengers plus a flexible payload cargo area. On demand all-wheel drive, four-wheel double-A arm suspension and front and rear sway bars provide all-terrain mobility and stability. Electronic power steering and digital controls assure responsive handling in tight quarters and over rough ground.

The presented HAVOC-M was configured for small tactical unit use. This could carry four soldiers and had an overhead roll-bar machine gun pintle. This model could act as a forward unit logistics and resupply vehicle or provide scouting and reconnaissance.

The company believes that it could also act as a platform for mobile command and control, counter-UAS systems, and for carrying other weapon systems.

HAVOC-M draws from the company’s commercial and recreational all-terrain vehicle design. it offers 2.23 square metres (24 square feet) of stowage, 272kg (600lb) payload, and 907kg (2,000lb) towing capacity. A Textron spokesperson shared that “HAVOC-M is being offered as a proven and reliable commercial off-the-shelf system adapted for military use to fill small tactical unit and special operations forces needs.”

by Stephen W. Miller