Deliveries Begin of BAE Systems CV-90 Mjölner Mortar System to Swedish Army


“The Swedish Army will begin receiving the first of its CVC-90 Mjölner 120mm mounted mortar vehicles at the end of this week,” said Master Sgt. Joakim Kylstad, speaking beside one of the vehicles on the first day of DSEI.

The Swedish Army operates 548 CV-90s, 40 of which are being converted to the mortar variant. Deliveries will run through to the end of 2020.

The latest baseline version of the CV-90 is the Mk4 which is being offered to new customers. In addition to the existing seven user countries, including Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Estonia, Dan Lindell, director of Combat Vehicles , said that BAE Systems Hägglunds was talking to two potential new customers.

The Mjölner mortar varient can store 56 rounds in its turret, can be ready to fire in a minute and then immediately change position – unlike the mortar system it is replacing. With a range out to eight kilometres, it can fire a sustained barrage of 10 rounds per minute with a maximum ‘stonk’ rate of 16rpm.

There are 17 variants among the 1280 vehicles currently in service.

by Andrew Drwiega, DSEI, London