General Robotics releases an improved model of PITBULL Anti-Drone Remote Weapon Station

General Robotics announces the release of a new Anti-Drone Remote Weapon Station.

The PITBULL Anti-Drone provides a complete solution of one compact and mobile system that can be installed anywhere on manned or unmanned vehicles, manned or unmanned vessels and of course on static command posts.

The system provides a complete solution against drones:

  1. Detection of drones by a radar integrated with the system. The system is integrated to different kinds of radars having a drone detection range of up to 5 Km.
  2. Soft-Kill by an integrated jammer – The Soft-Kill induces a disruption of all drones’ communication frequencies simultaneously – command, video and GPS thereby forcing the drone to stop, land or return to base.
  3. Hard-Kill – the system includes an advanced prediction algorithm to shoot down drones; the system can effectively shoot down moving drones from 500m with effective ranges from 800 meters against hovering drones. (that are stopped by the Soft-Kill jammer).

The Anti-Drone capabilities are connected on top to an extremely lethal light weapon station. Weighing less than 100 Kg fully loaded, the PITBULL RWS provides fast designation of a weapon simply by clicking on the target on the screen, by the company’s proprietary “Point & Shoot” ™ technology.

Shahar Gal, CEO of General Robotics argues that the anti-drone market is one-sided. The severity of the drones’ threat has not yet been realized, as there is too much focus on soft kill capabilities. Hard kill solutions are inevitably needed to stop advanced drones and drone swarms.

The new PITBULL Anti-Drone Remote Weapon Station will be exhibited at the DSEI in London.